Satorique S-Class loudspeakers

Satorique S-Class Highend Speakers

Satorique S-Class Premium Loudspeakerbuilding

Is it worth building your own speakers?

Another question: is it worth creating your own garden?
If you value the special, then yes! It allows you to give room to your individuality and make everything the way you like it. Self-built speakers cost you only a fraction compared to ready-made speakers of the same quality. So you get your individual premium speaker.

PS. And if you don't have much to do with gardening, you'll have enough time to build decent speakers anyway.

289,00 EUR
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Satorique S-Class loudspeakers

The Satorique S-Line speakers are very special premium speakers for demanding listeners. They have an exceptionally high level stability, a wide dynamic range, differentiated sound nuances and are the eye-catcher in any living room. The best for people with high fidelity demands and ideal for your home high-end experience