Highend yourself

Every loudspeaker can become something unique. To build high-end-speakers yourself, all you need is your will and the good technology from Satorique. Build your own speakers for owesome experiences. Ihli made it. Read his report.

"It is this terrific gripping, bullet-like directness with which low-frequency events are placed in the room, which is simply off the beaten track of what we have known and expected from home devices so far (...).
It's really like a well-mixed live concert that you experience not from the back but close to the stage, and that makes you forget where you are and who you are (...)." Ihli

Satorique S4 Center – Pure Sound Art
Your dream loudspeaker, handmade by yourself
Wonderfully unique, simply incomparable

Satorique is the answer to the question: Do loudspeakers have to be soulless things and does premium always have to be expensive?

Nothing beats speakers that you have created yourself. Satorique offers sound enthusiasts first-class loudspeaker technology to build loudspeakers themselves at the highest level, in parts or completely, or to have them built according to their own ideas.

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